Who is Van Boogie?

Van Boogie was founded on a simple idea: "What can we do to help others?"
Nothing mind blowing or profound. Just that.
Van Boogie's Dad was an inventor. He worked as an Optical Physicist with NASA and his inventions helped guide Mankind to the Moon. He later went on to invent a product named SHOE GOO, which some of you may have heard about. It was a product that really did what it said it would, and "saved the soles" (sorry. it was one of our slogans) of millions of runners, tennis players and skaters.
It turned out to be a superior adhesive too, and is also known as E-6000.

Van Boogie saw the joy her Dad's invention brought to his customers, and witnessed first hand the tenacity and hard work it took to perfect the SHOE GOO formula.

Van Boogie thrives on the same principals. Our GO VIRAL hand sanitizer is unique.
It smells good. It moisturizes you hands. It kills germs ... and the profits from the sales help others.

100% of our profits are donated to The New Orleans Musicians' Clinic.


 So, fellow earthlings, be safe, stay clean, and may the BOOGIE be with you.

Michelle Van Boogie, Founder & CEO



"I want to acknowledge LUCK. The benevolence of it in my life, and the brutality of it in the lives of others."
Paul Newman
Butch Cassidy, and founder of Newman's Own Foundation